Search Team Name Database

Use this tool to search our database of funny team names. Simply enter your favourite football player's name and click search. For example, if you want a Fantasy Football Team Name for English Premier League player Ben Chilwell, just enter his name into the box and it'll return 'Netflix and Chilwell'. It works best if you search using a players surname.

What Makes A Good Team Name

A good team name needs to be quirky, relevant and atleast almost funny. We've had a fair few suggestions that have been absolutely terrible! And to be honest it is quite hard to come up with a decent name for your team. We're always on the hunt for new funny team names! If you'd like to suggest some that we haven't heard of yet. Please get in touch via the contact page to submit yours. Here's some tips to think up some witty, funny names:

  • Try and create one that's a play on words 'Beat Around Debuchy'.
  • Look for puns.
  • Try and find cultural references ie: Maradona Kebab.
  • Current Affairs and news headlines workv well.
  • Keep it clean. It'll get banned from the Fantasy League if it's deemed inapropriate.

How To Search Team Name Database

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Step 1

Enter the players names (preferably surname) into the text area above.

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Step 2

Click 'Search' and the we'll look through our database for any keyword matches.

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Step 3

You'll be re-directed to your search results. If you want to search again just click the button that says 'Search Again'.