Change Log

Updates & Release Notes are listed here. If you spot an error or would like to make a suggestion, send us an email.


Published 'Random Football Player Tool' code and related content pages. Updated menu links and corrected spelling mistake on the Change Log page.


Corrected spelling mistake, updated H1 title tag and text content on team name search page. Also fixed broken links on 'More Tools' page. Added more team names.


Page load performance improvements including lazy loading images, using next gen formats like webp, deferring Jquery script loading and removing unused CSS.


Added Random Number Generator functionality.


Added Pub Quiz Question Generator functionality to more tools, added more content to Fantasy League Names page, re-arranged bottom nav, added Getscent network sites to bottom nav, corrected spelling mistake 'Randon' on homepage, fixed two broken links on homepage.


Fixed bug on the new blogging engine, would display blog posts twice. Added more content to home, about us and contact pages. Added new menu item for 'More Tools'. Updated top menu width to fit new nav bar items inside the div. Updated main content container width to look more central on the page regardless of users browser size. Updated content on Fantasy Football Team Names page. Added Terms Of Service page.


Added new blog engine. Added contact form friendly error message. Added more team names. Added link to new blog. Added top nav link to contact page.


Removed legacy blog code and folder structure. Created new folder structure and uploaded code libraries for upcoming blog engine.


Added more homepage content for SEO purposes.


Added 40 more team names and added further details on how to use the search tool.


Added back custom error pages. Added additional security layer for sending email via contact form.


Enabled Funny Team Name search functionality, added more F.A.Q's, added more Funny Team Names. Temporarily removed custom error pages to debug contact form issue


Uploaded complete re-design, option to either select funny team names or not. Also added more content, blog articles, privacy policy, changelog etc. Search funny team names database feature also added, although not yet fully functional.


Added 10 more funny team names.


Added 20 more funny team names.


Added list of 100 funny team names.


Launched completely new design. Also added contact us page.


Added funny team names feature.


Added custom error pages and fixed CSS width issues on mobile devices.


Version 1 Launched