About Team Generator Online

The first incarnation of the Team Generator was launched in September 2019.

Team Generator Online is a free tool where you can quickly create teams from a list of names. By entering your list of names in the text field and clicking "GO" we randomly create two groups from all the names that you entered. There's no need to generate teams manually anymore, just enter names and the tool will do all of the hard work for you.

It was created for a group of friends to organise themselves into two random 5-a-side football teams. Our friendship group has a wide range of football ability, the idea was to take the pain away from trying to manually sort the teams and to keep everyone happy. The version was extremely basic, it looked awful but it was functional!

Version 2 was a little better. The introduction of some styling elements made the UI alot cleaner but it still wouldn't win any design awards! Just check the image below, that was the previous main banner!

Version 3 came with the addition of funny Premier League team names, scouring the internet for hours and hours at a time to find over 200 funny names was an ardous task but so worth it.

Version 4 (the latest) came with a search feature to search through the list of team names and also a brand new design.

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