Football Team Generator

5-a-side or 6-a-side. It doesn't matter how big your squad is. Use the Random Team Generator to randomly pick your teams.

Submit Team Names

I've trawled the internet looking for the best team names. There's over 100 on the list. Submit your ideas and if I use it, i'll send you a prize!

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I'd love to hear your suggestions. I'd also like to know if you've spotted a bug. I'll see what I can do to deliver new features or fix existing bugs!

How Does Random Team Generator Work?

Generate teams from a list of names with my Online Random Team Generator.

Person 4

Step 1

Click 'Generate Team Now'. You'll find the link above.

Person 4

Step 2

Enter the players names into the text area. It needs to be one name per line.

Person 4

Step 3

Click 'Generate Teams' and the tool will then create you 2 random teams.

Person 4

Step 4

If you want to mix it up, follow steps 1 through 3 until you have a good balance of skill level.

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About our Random Football Team Generator

Our Random Team Generator is a free online tool that makes it easy to generate teams from a list of names. Enter your list of names in the text box and click the button that says "Generate teams", the tool will randomly create two teams from the list of names that you entered. Use the team generator to create teams for any sport or activity.

Facts about the Random Team Generator

Built using C# MVC .NET Framework.

Uses C# Random class to randomise the teams.

Built by Getscent Digital.

No hidden costs, it's completely free.

Hosting costs paid for by ads.

Over 100 team names.