Random Team Generator

Our Random Team Generator is a free online tool that makes it easy to generate teams from a list of names. It's really simple to use, enter your list of names in the text box and click the button that says "GO!". The online team generator will randomly create two teams from the list of names that you entered.

Use the tool to create teams for any sporting activity. Alternatively you can use it for anything that requires two random teams, it doesn't have to be restricted to sport. The online team generator can be used for loads of different use cases.

Who can use Online Team Generator?

Our online team generator can be used by anyone, it's not just for sport related random teams! For example, if you need to split a list of staff members for your yearly xmas quiz, the generator is perfect for you. Or are you a teacher with a need to Split a class of pupils? It's ideal for you.

Here's a list of awesome uses the team generator can be used for:

Hit the button below to generate your random team right now.

How does it work?

Generate teams from a list of names with our online team generator, it's really simple to use. Just follow the steps below.

  • Click 'Generate Randon Team Now'
  • Enter your list of names / participants in the text box, one name per line
  • Select an option to add funny team names
  • Click 'GO' to create your random teams
  • We'll use some programming magic to display your teams
  • Share your teams with your friends

Online Team Generator F.A.Q's

Here are a few frequently questions to help answer any queries you may have about our free online tool.

  1. How does it work?
  2. Our tool utilises the power of C# to generate random teams. The C# Random class is used to split your list of names.

  3. How many team names do you have?
  4. We have around 150 different team names and we're always adding to the list. You can view our list of Fantasy Football Team Names here. If you would like to send us your suggestions, you can use the contact form which you can find here

  5. Is the tool free to use?
  6. Yes. Our random team generator is completely free to use. We'll occasionally show you some advertisements to cover some of the expenses of running this website.

  7. How many teams can I generate?
  8. As it's predominantly used for generating random 5-a-side football teams the current limit of teams is set to two. But if we get enough demand, we'll increase that in the future.

  9. Is Random Team Generator Fair?
  10. Yes, we create the Random Teams using the C# programming language. This ensures a true random, fair outcome for your teams.

  11. Do you store my random team results?
  12. No, we don't store any names or teams on the teamgenerator.online servers. If you close your web browser the results will be gone forever, so be careful!

  13. I have a large list of names, will your online team generator handle it?
  14. As we use the C# programming language to generate your random team, theoretically it should be able to handle just over 2 billion names! Although, saying that the in browser performance would be quite slow. So, we recon the practical limit would be around 5 million names in the list.

Team Names

With over 100 funny team names in our database why not browse it and get some ideas for your next fantasy football league team name. You'll find something that relates your team. Search by player name or team name.

Feedback & Support

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Free To Use

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